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The Better Business Bureau Gets an “F” Rating – Why Their Fraudulent ‘Pay-To-Play’ Rating System Is Totally Irrelevant.

Posted by Carole VanSickle . Updated November 15th 2013

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a scam, and hundreds of thousands of unfairly targeted small business owners have known it for years. 

Now, new publicly available evidence confirms that suspicion for the rest of the world, too.

The original “complaint forum”, the BBB has long represented itself as the impartial moderator of business disputes.  Consumers with complaints about businesses would lodge their complaints with the BBB, and the BBB would send a letter to the business.  If the targeted business responded to BBB’s satisfaction, then no damaging report would be made.  But if the BBB was dissatisfied with the targeted business’s response, BBB would gladly provide that information to anyone who asked for it, and attach a rating of “A” through “F” depending on BBB’s own biases.

Many businesses live or die on their BBB rating.  This is ridiculous, since the BBB has no actual authority whatsoever.  Yet, for some reason, the public has long considered the BBB to be a reliable indicator of the experiences of the public with particular companies.

Now, the truth – long suspected by so many small businesses – is out.  According to Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal [1], the BBB’s rating system (“A” through “F”, like a report card) can be manipulated by offering financial incentives directly to the BBB.

Example:  One small company – Bayless Custom Homes – had an “F” rating with the BBB.  Owner Gary Bayless had never been informed of the one complaint that led to the rating.  Bayless says he contacted the BBB about the issue, and they agreed to change the grade to B+, or to an “A” if Bayless would join the BBB organization, which includes the requirement that Bayless pay the BBB.

Example #2:  Deciding to test the theory of BBB irrelevancy, some L.A. business owners created a fake business name – Hamas, after the terrorist organization – and submitted a membership application to BBB [2].  This fake business doesn’t exist and has never done business.  Yet the BBB saw fit to give it a rating of “A-” with no more justification than the $425 application fee.

Note that the problem is not ONLY that the BBB is exchanging “good” grades for money.  The bigger issue is that anyone trusts this utterly irrelevant organization to begin with.  Bayless’ example is instructional there as well:  The BBB targeted Bayless’ company and exerted undue and unwarranted negative influence over him without so much as a notification that they’d chosen to accept some random complaint against him.  They then offered to accept what I believe is a tantamount to a bribe to remove their bogus negative rating that never should have existed to begin with.

The Better Business Bureau is an irrelevant, antiquated and probably fraudulent organization.   It’s time that the BBB gets an F rating.

[1] http://www.kltv.com/Global/story.asp?S=13494782
[2] http://slatest.slate.com/id/2274821/

Thank you to all who have contacted us, your story will be told.

<--- See full story from ABC news.


Steve Cox wiggles in his chair.





Consider this email from a former BBB employee:

" I worked for the BBB.  The President of the company makes well over $150,000 salary, not to mention other income that isn't public information.

They hire anyone and pay the lowest hourly rate they can and treat their employees poorly. 

They paid me like everyone else, ($7.25 draw against commission per hour) to make calls to the members selling online advertising.

I also think it is a rip off on how they call their members (like dialing for dollars) trying to get them to buy online advertising over and over again. 

Many, many members complained  over and over again, that they were tired of being called to purchase advertising  space online, even when they told the BBB to put them on their do not call list. The BBB  said call them anyway as they may change their mind,  and buy.

One of their so called on line ads cost is about $4,000,  which my guess goes to pure profit for the BBB.  Where does all that money go? Maybe a nice trip to Hawaii?

  We were all hoping that sooner or later this would all catch up with the BBB's.  

The worst job I've ever had.   I would rather have worked for a company washing dishes in a dungeon than work for a company like the BBB that takes advantage of  businesses, people and employee's."

Source -CANLAW

Dont critisize the BBB

I have descided to take my education National. I have registered several domains that will reflect all of Canada in relationship to the BBB SUCKS. More to come, stay tuned. :-)

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The BBB;

Is NOT a government organization.
Rates its members higher than non members.
Is a variation on the classic protection racket.
Is irrelivent with the emergence of search engines.
Scam has been exposed on ABC 20/20.
Scam has been exposed on CBC news.
Scam rating system called into question.
The BBB is bias. You pay for a high grade.

Los Angeles Times
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Conneticuit Attorney General


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Is there a pattern?

Case in point:

Mutual Roofing - not BBB Accredited.
One complaint - F rating
(Failed to reply to complaint, no obligation to, was it even real?)

Robinson Roofing - not BBB Accredited.
One complaint - F rating
(Failed to reply to complaint, no obligation to, was it even real?)

Roof Doctor - PENDING BBB Accreditation (He paid up?)
One complaint - A- rating

Dwight's Roofing LTD - BBB Accredited
Four complaints - A rating

Amcor Roofing LTD - REVOKED
Twenty three complaints - F rating
Holy mother of god, does it take a lot to get "revoked"

There is the obvious conflict-of-interest problem. They take "subscription" or "membership" donations from businesses. This means that businesses are the BBB's source of income. But businesses are their object of complaint. So, if I as a consumer complains to the BBB, I'm complaining about one of their sources of income. Obviously, this is a problem.






When I do business with a local company, and they start yapping off about the BBB, I walk away.